Customer Communication Management

Shift to seamless and personalized communications

Customer Communication Management

Shift to seamless and personalized communications


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Secure and automate the creation and delivery of high-volume transactional documents and mission-critical business correspondences. With Greypad ADF, you can simplify the creation of highly personalized communication, encrypt all the files with ease, combine data from multiple source systems, generate delivery channel specific output files, enable secured remote printing with zero-touch deployment, and much more. While majority of ADF solutions focus only on asset creation, Greypad ADF helps you take control of the data management as well. Access to the right data makes complex rule-based processing possible. Documents can be generated on demand or in batch and delivered across any channel based on preferences. Along with end customer documents, you can also leverage the ADF for internal users for MIS, analytics, notifications, and alerts.

Why Greypad CCM?

Greypad CCM easily adapts to ever-changing environments and systems, making it easier to integrate it with your existing enterprise system. Moreover, unlike majority of other CCMs, it also gives you the freedom to integrate 3rd party solutions, extend designer capabilities, and train personnel with a minimum learning curve. With the ability to integrate real-time insights into customer communications, it acts as a powerful enabler that can drive significant business results.

Enable rule-based filtering
and segmentation

Greypad CCM comes with a rules engine that can adapt with dynamically changing inputs at run-time. It’s also possible to enable trigger-based decision making for a specific stage at run-time. Depending upon the information available, a piece of communication can be sent to just a group of end-customers, or even a single end customer as well. The communication can be personalized – a special program or offer relevant to a set of customers can be added to the communication. It’s also possible to set language and channel preferences for various customers.

Get 360⁰ customer view

Greypad CCM allows business users to get a holistic view of every single piece of communication sent to all customers. Track-n-trace functionality goes beyond email bounce rates and provides insights across all channels like how many times a communication was read, did the customers click on any links, when was the communication read and what device does the customer prefers. From communication delivery and consumption statics for all customers to interaction insights for a single customer, the platform provides granular data across the breadth and depth of all interactions.

Assist employees with
advanced reporting module

All the relevant updates are regularly sent to internal stakeholders automatically. Operations, marketing, technology, customer support, and other such teams get customized insights to help accelerate decision making and proactively resolve any issues before they impact the customer experience. Insights derived from complete track-n-trace can also provide user demographics and behavioural pattern identification to provide decision making MIS and can assist in shaping products.

Easily integrate with existing systems

Greypad CCM can be easily plugged into existing CRM, DMS, portals, core systems & uses commodity hardware. If a customer already has a CCM, migrating to Greypad is a breeze as well. There is no need to migrate tons of documents from one system to the other. Greypad CCM can co-exist with other CCM and leverage existing CCM for older existing communication till the migration is completed. Documents can be created in real-time whenever required. It can seamlessly work with 3rd party solutions and designers as well.

Secure all communications

Greypad CCM has a built-in security framework which includes various interfaces and ready implementations/libraries. These cryptography libraries can be plugged in to different modules/applications to provide easy encryption/decryption of data/files in-memory or on disk. The libraries follow bespoke interfaces that encapsulate standard cryptographic algorithms that provide the maximum security currently available.

Leverage multi-channel delivery
and tracking

Create a truly omnichannel experience by streamlining communication across print, email, SMS, and all other digital channels. Unlike most CCM solutions, Greypad CCM enables you to track all communications in real-time across print as well as digital and get detailed information about the current activities, queues, and usage statistics. It also helps you deliver a consistent brand message and enhance overall customer experience.

Implement changes at speed

Turn-around-time for any change request is phenomenal with Greypad CCM. Its technology, design, and architecture were built with the ethos of keeping things modular enough for quick customization and ensure least TAT for change requests. Depending upon your unique needs, any functionality can be extended, a plugin can be incorporated, or an additional feature can be added in minimal time.

Optimize storage and data management

With Greypad CCM, you can use any open source non-relational database. Since the only data that is stored in CCM comes from core systems, its sanity has already been ensured. Furthermore, there is no need to run complex queries in CCM. Using a non-relational database optimizes resource deployment and saves money that would have been spent on high-end software licensing.

Send personalized short URL to customers

Greypad CCM has a built-in short personalized-URL engine. This not only eliminates the dependency on 3rd party short-url providers but also helps keep customer data more secure. Using this short P-URL feature, companies can send a personalized link to directly download password protected pdf / secured interactive html5 communications. The short p-url engine also provides functionality to generate transactional documents on demand, complete offline microsite without a web site, track real-time status of articles despatched, and get feedback on service provided.

Use Cases 

Easily manage and optimize all print jobs

What happens when a customer tries to pay a policy premium, but the transaction fails? From a customer’s point of view, this may translate into loss of policy benefits, despite having the intent to pay on time. From business’s point of view, it not only creates a dissatisfied customer but also leads to revenue loss.

With the 360⁰ Customer view feature, Greypad CCM can assist by automatically sending an alert not only to the customer, but also to relationship managers or other relevant stakeholder about the good intention of the customer who is unable to complete his activity and helps resolve any issue with transaction if required. This is just one of the many scenarios how 360⁰ customer insights can prove to be a differentiator.

  • Never miss an interaction with any customer
  • Understand how different customers interact with different communications
  • Drive personalized campaigns powered by the customer communication usage data

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